Dos & Dont's

Here at River Place, we believe that responsible living is the key to creating a happy home, one that is harmonious, clean, safe and that can be enjoyed equally by all.

Responsible living extends to your responsibility towards cleanliness, safety and respect for your neighbour’s quiet enjoyment of the estate and its amenities.
Below are excerpts of some of the key rules under our By-laws, and we ask that you observe them in the spirit of responsible living. The full set of rules can be found in the complete set of our By-laws accessible under the tab “By-Laws”.

  1. Where visiting guests are invited by a host, the host is responsible for their guest’s behavior and compliance with the rules. Any damage or loss caused by the guest shall be the responsibility of the host.
  2. Do not deposit or throw rubbish, dirt, dust, unwanted materials or discarded items on any common property within the estate. Do not leave or store any personal property of any kind in the common areas as they may cause obstruction to others.
  3. When using your refuse chute, please ensure that:
    • all refuse is securely wrapped in plastic bags or other similar materials;
    • large objects are not disposed of into the chutes as they may obstruct the free fall of refuse; and
    • breakable items such as mirrors, glasses or glass bottles are not disposed of into the chutes as this poses a serious danger to our cleaners. Instead, please dispose of all glass and breakable items using the recycle bins at Basement 1.
  4. Do not visibly hang any washing, towels, bedding, clothing or other articles outside your apartment.
  5. Do not allow your animals to cause annoyance to others.
  6. Do not feed the pigeons - this encourages pigeons to roost within the estate, which may give rise to problems with pigeon droppings and disease.
  7. Do not obstruct the sidewalks, passages, lobbies, stairways and corridors at any time, and please use them for their proper purpose.
  8. Do not damage or remove any furniture or equipment from the common areas.
  9. Residents’ Lounge:
    • No swimwear is allowed in the Residents’ Lounge.
    • The Lounge and Multi-Purpose Function Room may not be used for commercial, religious, political, company gatherings or illegal activities.
  10. Gym:
    • Place weights back in their proper place after use.
    • Do not shift or move equipment from its position or from the gym.
    • After use, please wipe the gym equipment with the provided cleaning gels.
    • Do not remove any equipment from the gym.
  11. Steam Room / Sauna:
    • Children under 15 yrs may use the sauna or steam room only if they are accompanied by a responsible adult.
    • Do NOT pour excessive water onto the sauna coals as this will cause an outage and damage to the heating element.
    • Turn off the control panel switch after use.
  12. Swimming Pool:
    • Strictly no diving into the pool.
    • Invited guests must be accompanied by their host.
    • Children under the age of twelve (12) or height less than 1.2 meters must be accompanied and supervised by their parent or an adult when using the pool.
    • Do not climb on the sail structure at the pool.
    • Footwear, food, drinks and pets are not permitted in the pool at any time.
    • Food and drinks may not be brought within one meter from the immediate edge of the pool. In the interests of safety, glass bottles (including glass beer bottles) and glass wares (including wine glasses and beer mugs) are prohibited in the vicinity of the pool (including the poolside tables). Guests are to use plastic cups and canned drinks instead.
    • Anti-social behaviour that offends or causes a nuisance to others will not be tolerated.
  13. Spa Pool:
    • Do not tamper with or sit on the grating cover of the suction outlet in the pool.
  14. Barbeque Pits:
    • No high flammable personal equipment such as miniature gas cookers permitted.
    • No live bands permitted. Portable radios and audio players must be kept at moderate volume. These will be permitted provided there are no complaints from other residents.
    • Do not cause excessive noise or nuisance to others.
    • Please ensure that the barbecue pits and their surroundings are left in a clean and tidy condition after use.
    • All unwanted leftover food litter, etc. must be disposed of using the provided trash bins.
    • Washing of barbeque utensils, equipment, cutlery or crockery is not allowed on the pool deck.